Sammy Gee: The Writer
Samantha Guzman is the author of several short stories capturing the raw experiences of Black and Latinx people through a fictional, and sometimes fantastical, lens. Her works have appeared in Black + Well Magazine, Midnight and Indigo; Please See Me; The Acentos Review; and Alternating Current Press' Remapping Wonderland. 
A graphic designer by day, a writer by subway commute, lunch, and night, she received a Bachelor of Technology in design from CUNY and a Master of Arts in creative writing from Southern New Hampshire University. A proud New York native, AfroLatina, and nerd, she is a lover of all things superhero, supernatural, and superstition related. 
Currently, Samantha resides in Queens, NY, where she’s working on her first novel––a YA contemporary fantasy.
You can find her actively tweeting at @sammygeewrites.